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With a shortage of HGV drivers in the UK, it would be easy to believe that inexperience and unreliability are just unfortunate norms of the industry today. However, with FTS Group this simply isn’t the case. Over the past 14 years we have adapted to become premium providers of reliable driving agency recruitment, supporting businesses of all sizes. We specialise in high-volume fulfilment and depot launches and continue to grow our network of drivers every day. We set the bar high and cut out the headaches that would stop us from delivering an outstanding service. All of our drivers are experienced, competent and have good English communication skills.

Simple and Straightforward

Working with FTS Group is simple and straightforward. We have a flexible database of reliable and experienced agency drivers available for on-going, ad-hoc, and temp-to-perms bookings. As experienced sole site providers and depot launch experts, we recruit nationwide for the country’s biggest brands as well as small businesses.

We supply HGV1, HGV2, 7.5T and van drivers. We can also recruit specialist skills such as ADR, RHIDES, EPIC , MOFFETT and HIAB operators.

Accurately Filling Vacancies

At FTS Group we spend time getting to know your business in detail. As a result, we build accurate profiles of what you are looking for and present drivers that are most suitable to the job.

Our placements are highly accurate with a dropout rate of <0.7%. Most recently, we helped a global parcel courier depot reach the top rank in their network through our precision matching. All are now on a temp to perm.

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Good Quality Agency Drivers

All drivers are tested on their knowledge of UK/EU driving regulations and the highway code, undertake 5 year employment referencing, and sit a face-to-face interview to determine their suitability. We do not register drivers online or over the phone.

We only register drivers who can reflect our values of reliability, experience and good communication. Because of this, we maintain a premium reputation for reliable and trustworthy recruitment agency support to national brands and small businesses.

FTS Group, Logistics and Recruitment, Driving Recruitment, HGV

FTS Group, Logistics and Recruitment, Driving Recruitment, HGV

24 Hour Account Support 

Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When you call us, you do not speak to an evening or weekend call-out operator. You speak to your Account Manager.  You can contact us at any time and speak to the people that know your business, and know what to do.

We offer this as standard, day and night, because communication is important, and that means having access to the people who know your business.

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Managing Infringements

As a PSL member for multiple national supply chains, we take compliance seriously. FTS Group has a dedicated Compliance Team that conducts quarterly licence checks, manages all driver infringements, and provides documented driver re-training. As a result, we have a track record of low non-compliance. The team of qualified Transport Managers safeguarding your O Licence has a combined industry experience of 50 years.