Driving Recruitment

Driving Recruitment

With a shortage of drivers in the UK, it would be easy to believe that inexperience, unreliability and low-skill are just norms of the industry today. But with FTS Group this simply isn’t the case; we continue to grow our network of drivers using a vast number of innovative platforms. All of our drivers are screened to ensure they fit our Five Star policy. That way, we set the bar high and cut out the headaches that would stop us from delivering our outstanding service. All of our drivers are experienced, competent and have good English communication skills.

FTS Group as a Supplier

Our team of drivers are flexible, well trained and experienced. We treat all drivers as an asset to our company. This means that FTS Group is able to provide you with drivers at a short notice to cover no-shows and unexpected leave as well as long term solutions.

We supply HGV1, HGV2, 7.5T and van drivers, as well as specialist skills, including ADR, RHIDES, EPIC card holders, MOFFETT and HIAB operators. All of our drivers arrive in full company uniform.

FTS Group as an Employer

When you join FTS Group you don’t just join a company, you join a team centred on family values. We make sure you are on-board with the standards we expect from all our staff, and in return commit to providing you with regular shift patterns and decent pay.

We can offer you flexible work or a rota; join our team today. You’ll also get a free uniform and access to exclusive prices from the FTS Training Academy, including our driver CPC courses.

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What to Expect from an FTS Driver

All drivers are tested on their knowledge of EU and UK driving regulations, the highway code, and their use of Digital Tachograph cards. We also assess the experience and ability of everyone who joins us to make sure they are suitable ambassadors.

To ensure your expectations are met, our drivers are customer service trained and supplied with a company uniform to promote professionalism and presentation from arrival to your site right on to your clients.

FTS Group, Logistics and Recruitment, Driving Recruitment, HGV

FTS Group, Logistics and Recruitment, Driving Recruitment, HGV

24 Hour Service, 7 days a week 

Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by trained professional FTS Group Operatives, whether you are a driver on route needing assistance or a customer with a problem, you can contact us at any time and we will be able to provide you with an effective and efficient solution.

We offer this as standard because we believe that you deserve a personal effortless customer experience at any time, day or night.

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Managing Infringements

Unique to FTS Group, our dedicated Compliance Team conducts quarterly licence checks and manages all driver infringements, ensuring that anyone who receives an infringement is re-trained to prevent re-occurrences. Our Compliance Team share a combined industry experience of 25 years, and are qualified Transport Managers.