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Group Director 
Gary Doughty

As the founder and owner of FTS Group, Gary continues to ensure his founding principles of exceptional customer service, rapid and robust solutions, and entrepreneurial outlook remain the basis of FTS service range today; aligning FTS as a business partner to deliver supply chain solutions others can not match.

Development Director 
Max Doughty

With 7 years of experience within the company, Max has a firm understanding of the industry and ensures the company can continuously evolve to meet the growing demands of the industry;  integrating the latest technology and practices, ensuring the FTS service range is at forefront of the logistics industry.

Commercial Manager
Adam Peters

With vast experience in supply chain services, Adam brings his extensive knowledge base from around the industry. Adam applies his attention to detail and superior analytical skills to ensure opportunities are beneficial for the business’ needs. As our Commercial Manager, Adam is responsible for handling daily business issues, communicating with clients and working continuously to achieve the business’ strategic goals.

Transport Manager
Jake Doughty

As the company Transport Manager, Jake ensures the FTS fleet is always compliant and readily deployable, as well as overseeing our large network of drivers compliance with Working Time Directive regulations as the FTS lead on compliance, driver skills and driver development.

Operations Manager
Alex Crispin

Ensuring our clients receive an honest and high quality service is what sets us apart from competitors. As Operations Manager, Alex is dynamic and pragmatic in ensuring all of our customers get the reliable, qualified staff they need, when they need them, building excellent customer and workforce relations in the process.

Warehouse Operations Manager 
Ben Doughty

Responsible for Warehouse Operations, Ben uses a methodical and pragmatic approach to ensure goals are achieved and standards are met. Also responsible for local, national and international distribution solutions, his confidence, experience and customer-centric approach enables him to simultaneously understand the requirements of his clients, and create tailored distribution packages that fulfil their needs.

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