FTS Group dedicate time to truly understand your business in order to provide you with bespoke solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our shared warehousing and distribution services, combined with our 24 hour support line, ensures that your business has the quality infrastructure when needed to help fulfil your goals and exceed expectations.

Our Depot

Our depot is based in Purfleet, Essex, strategically located in close reach of major lanes such as the M25 and A13. We are also conveniently near to Tilbury Docks, providing your business with the ideal distribution routes. Our distribution centre comes with a no-minimum quantity policy and can therefore facilitate various goods in a range of shapes and sizes, from pallets to containers with the freedom to store with us on both a long and short-term basis.

We’ve put security measures in place to provide you with peace of mind whilst storing in our warehouse. Our state of the art facial recognition CCTV covers every inch of our grounds, inside and out, which is a big space! With 50,000 sq/ft of storage space, the FTS Group warehouse boasts a holding capacity of over 2500 pallets.

Why Choose Us?

Our warehousing solutions offers you the perfect opportunity to scale up your business, our flexible plans at competitive prices are developed to accommodate your business as it evolves and develops. We make sure we take into account your specific sector needs, we don’t just offer you an empty space, we offer an indispensable service designed around you.

Safety is key in our warehouse, so you can guarantee your stock is safe from damage or loss. Our Warehouse Operatives receive regular, certified training which ultimately means that your stock is in the best hands possible. Our Inventory Management systems allow for easy tracking and identification of inbound and outbound stock, enabling swift and efficient stock management operations, put-away and removal. We hold regular racking inspections and group training sessions to ensure that the team working within the warehouse are as up to date and familiar as possible with regulations and general safe operating procedures.

The FTS Group Warehouse operates 24 hours each day, 7 days per week and our team are always on hand to assist, which has proven extremely valuable to our existing customer base. If you need your stock, it’s accessible – no ifs or buts.

With a dual warehousing facility, we can offer flexible storage for a range of products. We have 17,000 sq/ft of floor space and 33,000 sq/ft of racked warehouse space which allows us to cater for all pallet sizes and this is proven in our current stock holding, varying from standard EUR/EPAL pallets at 1200mm x 800mm, to triple oversize pallets at a length of over 3400mm. Whatever your warehousing need, we have a storage solution.

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Our Service

  • Manned 24-Hour Security
  • Short/Long-Term Flexibility Plans
  • Competitive Prices
  • 24 hour support line

  • Proof of Delivery
  • Tractability and control
  • Mechanical and Manual loading
  • Integrated distribution services

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Yard and Stock Overspill

We  can provide immediate solutions for stock overspill even at peak seasonal periods, allowing you to keep your stock at a manageable level. The warehouse has a yard on the side of the building accommodating additional car park overspill and overnight short term/long term HGV parking. With 18 HGV parking bays running adjacent to the warehouse, we can offer a safe stay for units, trailers and trampers situated in a perfect location, just minutes from both the A13 and the M25.

Integrated Distribution Service

If you require a distribution service as well as storage, FTS Group can seamlessly integrate a pallet storage and onward delivery service ensuring exceptional standards to your end customer. Our 24 hour operational support line ensures that your goods are delivered with excellence and any issues or concerns you may have are resolved efficiently.

The FTS Group fleet consists of over 20 vehicles ranging from 3.5T up to HGV1, which goes hand in hand with the warehousing and pallet storage solutions that are on offer. We can provide a complete service starting from the intake and storage of your goods, to the safe and timely distribution and delivery. To provide extra added value, we offer competitive rates as part of a composite storage and delivery solution, exclusive to our warehouse customers.

To find out more about our various warehousing solutions, please call on 020 8507 2020.